Miami Marlins possible GM options that know the small market team

Kim Ng is out, who could be in?
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The Miami Marlins and former GM Kim Ng mutually parted ways this week and now the search for a new GM is underway. There will be lots of speculation and potential options presented in the coming weeks and days but who might be some good top choices? 

We will look at a few different potentials that have a good track record to date. The factors considered are of course important and so we will look at teams that are doing well and have a small market and therefore small salary. We also consider and look at teams with highly ranked farm systems for home grown talent which is equally important for a small market team. Lastly, the fit is always a question, what kind of philosophy does the person have, we look at and weight those options.  

The biggest question that might determine who the final candidate could be is will the Marlins go through with hiring a president of baseball operations position? If they indeed do that person will have a huge influence on who is the new GM and their philosophy. I for one believe they will still hire that position as it is trending for all teams, and has steadily increased as a position across the league. The Marlins have already had that position in the past so it is not a stretch of the imagination that they would have it once again, especially when so many teams are finding value in the position.