Miami Marlins possible GM options that know the small market team

Kim Ng is out, who could be in?
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Reds Assistant General Manager- Sam Grossman

The Miami Marlins could use a baseball analyist like Sam Grossman for their small market teams. Similar to Sawdaye's big assets, Grossman knows how to build a competitive team in a small market and he also has a smaller team salary than the Marlins that he is working with this season. The Reds unveiled a lot of home grown talent this season and Grossman is part of that change. The Reds are in a great position to continue to compete in the future and its in many ways thanks to Grossman.

The Reds currently have the 5th ranked minor league system and they have the best ranked 2023 draft class. The Marlins have struggled to draft players who have a future with the club and rise through the ranks quickly. Grossman had his part in that but his biggest contribution has come with his shifting the Reds to sabermetrics. The Reds shift has come now to fruition and they are competitive.

Will Bruce Sherman be intrigued by another analytics driven executive and look to someone like Grossman, it is likely, as many see that as a better use of dollars as well. I really think he could be a good candidate, especially given his experience in changing the team dynamic to a new style of thought when drafting or signing players.