Miami Marlins Prospect Khalil Watson was traded at the deadline, is he making them regret it?

The Marlins prospect is now with a new club, but was the change for good
Miami Marlins v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two
Miami Marlins v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two / Harry How/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins upgraded their offense in a big way by acquiring Josh Bell from the Cleveland Guardians.  Bell has been nothing short of amazing and his production has been just what the Marlins needed.  The Marlins did give up a potential big name prospect in infielder Khalil Watson.  The Marlins prospect could have a bright future, as he is a young 20 years of age.

Watson was drafted by the Marlins at age 18 out of high school in 2021.  Watson has had ups and downs all season and has shown some power but as it were he is not going off as he is still in high A.  He has 7 home runs with the Marlins and a .206 average which isn’t terribly impressive but he has gone down since joining the Guardians farm system.  

Watson has played in 11 games and with 42 plate appearances with the Guardians high A team he has 6 hits, 2 of which are home runs.  He struggled to start the season with the Marlins high A team and it seems the same is in store to end out his season with Cleveland.  Watson is slashing .162/.238/.324 with an OPS at .562.  

He is not breaking any barriers nor will he be promoted with those numbers.  Looking at all the relevant stats, it seems like the Marlins easily won that trade and don’t regret losing Watson at all. The huge difference that Josh Bell has made and the help he has given to the playoff hopeful Miami Marlins cannot be understated and so giving up a struggling young prospect is an easy decision.

Watson seems to have years before he could even be ready, if ever will be, for the big leagues.  Cleveland can have him while Marlins fans enjoy watching Josh Bell launch balls over the fence.  Easy no brainer deal for the Marlins and Kim Ng, Watson won’t be missed.  

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