Miami Marlins prospect Troy Johnston continues his power breakout in AAA

Troy Johnston is destined for the big leagues this season, why does he make his call up easy?
Miami Marlins Photo Day
Miami Marlins Photo Day / Rob Carr/GettyImages

It wasn’t just a dream after all.   Miami Marlins 1B prospect Troy Johnston was promoted to AAA Jacksonville and has played in 16 games since, totaling 66 at bats.  Johnston is a force to be reckoned with and for the Miami Marlins, he may well be the face of the power hitting middle of the lineup in the future.  

We have been begging Marlins brass to promote Johnston for a few months and it has finally happened.  He is destined for the big leagues in September, I have no doubt. Johnston has been playing well, and not just well but better than he had in AA.  Johnston is on a collision course headed right for the big club and he could provide a big spark in September.  

Troy Johnston has showcased both power and hitting for average in Jacksonville.  He is currently slashing .424/.479/.742 with an OPS of 1.221 and he has smashed 4 home runs along with 7 doubles, all the while driving in 18 runs.  Those numbers bring his totals to new career single-season highs.  Johnston has a total of 22 home runs, 30 doubles, and 101 RBI with a combined average of .318!  

Troy Johnston's 2023 RBI and home run totals blow his previous seasons out of the water.  All signs point to go when it comes to Johnston.  It is only a matter of time until he joins the Miami Marlins and he is the likely choice for first baseman of the future. Last go around in AAA Johnston struggled to continue his AA production levels, but this season it's very different. In 2022 he had 97 at-bats, hit 4 home runs, and drove in 8, but he faltered outside of hitting those home runs.

Johnston struggled at the plate last year in AAA slashing a mere .155/.293/.330, with an OPS of .623, which pales in comparison to his above stats. He will be a September call up and I for one believe he will make a significant impact on the team while he is up. Johnston could be the starting 1B next season if he makes a big enough push to end the 2023 season.

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