Miami Marlins Should Jump Line, Trade For Brewers Willy Adames

With the Brewers seemingly throwing in the towel in the wake of the Corbin Burnes trade, the time is right to pounce on a starting shortstop.
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The time has come for the Miami Marlins to make the splashy trade fans have been waiting for all offseason.

The best part? It doesn't even look like it would cost nearly as much as Marlins fans have been fearing. It's entirely possible that without parting with an MLB Top 100 prospect, or even a key contributor of the 2023 MLB roster, the Marlins could fill the biggest hole in their lineup.

The Miami Marlins need to trade for a shortstop and now is their chance

The Miami Marlins need to trade for Milwaukee Brewers star shortstop Willy Adames.

Like, by the end of the business Friday. If Peter Bendix didn't spend all night on the phone with Brewers GM Matt Arnold in the wake of Thursday night's bombshell trade that sent Corbin Burnes to the Baltimore Orioles...then he's guilty of gross negligence. Well that, or just having a really early bedtime. Point being, the time is right to pounce on a deal that would dramatically change the perception of Miami's offseason.

Unfortunately, that is true of every MLB team that doesn't have an elite shortstop currently plugged into their lineup. Even the teams that are fortunate to have one might decide to kick the tires on adding some quality depth for a title run in 2024. After all, Burnes is a superstar...and just went for practically peanuts. Adames is a lineup changing asset, but wouldn't fetch nearly as much. Maybe if they hold out until the trade deadline for a superstar shortstop to get injured, or for a surprise contender bereft of a competent shortstop to emerge, they could come close. Unlikely though.

Quite possibly more than any other MLB club, the Miami Marlins need to see if an Adames trade is possible. The club is on record as saying that shortstop is a position they are looking to upgrade. Other teams? They can afford to wait for Adames to hit free agency, and throw money around in a bidding war. As for the Marlins? They continue to have a reputation for not being a top tier destination for free agents. The best way around this is to either develop in house talent, or to get the player here sooner via trade in order to give them a chance to experience what it's like to be a Marlin. The team did this with Josh Bell last season. Bell could have been a free agent, but instead chose to stay here. Now, maybe Bell just questioned whether or not he could have matched the AAV of his opt in on a new contract somewhere else. Still, there's no denying that his experience here last year helped sell him on coming aboard for another season.

Suddenly, overnight if you will, a lineup changing bat is on the market...and it might not even cost the Miami Marlins an Edward Cabrera. At worst, Cabrera just became the ceiling for any price the Marlins might have had to pay, whereas he felt like the floor just twenty-four hours ago.

Miami should waste no time jumping the line on next offseason, and making a bold move that could help them for a long time to come.

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