Miami Marlins starting pitcher may be overworked

Eury Perez
Eury Perez / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Injuries just keep piling up for the Miami Marlins, and all we have is hope that they will end soon. One of the key cogs on the team is starting pitcher Eury Perez. Eury is a National League Rookie of the Year candidate, and looks like a potential Cy Young candidate in the future. Unfortunately, it looks like the season is not ending well for the young ace.

Eury Perez is an ace of the future for the Miami Marlins.

Eury Perez has been worth 2.4 WAR. He currently has a 3.15 ERA/4.11 FIP, with 10.6 K/9 and 3.1 BB/9 in 19 games and 91.1 innings pitched. It's an impressive debut for the 20 year old righty, who will hopefully be an ace for the long-term. He's been sent down to the Minors earlier and has been back for the last few weeks. He's now at his career high for innings pitched in a season.

Eury has a terrible 4.97 ERA over the last two weeks. He currently pitched 45 more innings than he did last season. He only had two quality starts in his last eight. It's definitely not what the team expected, when he was brought back after his demotion. I'm pretty heavily concerned about how he'll do going forward. I don't want him to get injured and I wonder if he'll even be that effective going forward. After the game, Eury admitted that he was pitching through discomfort.

Eury Perez actually threw his four-seam fastball 61% of the time, picking it over his secondary offerings. The reason was that he was more comfortable throwing his fastball, due to having a better grip and command of the pitch. He even admitted that the innings that he pitched are affecting him:

"I feel great, but we have to realize also it's the end of the season, the amount of innings is the most that’s happened in my career in a season. You can start to feel a little bit of that, because of the depth of the season".

Manager Skip Schumaker said that he didn't notice any issues during Eury's start against the New York Mets. He said that Eury didn't have lower velocity and simply had issues "putting hitters away". That's alarming, as he was clearly struggling by the end. I hope that Eury will be able to pitch better in his next start, if he should even be allowed one instead of rest.

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