Miami Marlins take advantage of the Cubs missteps in Atlanta

The Marlins split the double header yesterday which helped their standings
Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game Two
Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game Two / Elsa/GettyImages

Here we are!  4 more games and the Miami Marlins now have the last spot in the Wild Card.  The Marlins control their MLB playoffs destiny and that’s an amazing thing to say!  The Marlins also guaranteed tonight a winning season which is the first time since 2009!

The Miami Marlins have taken advantage of the Cubs losing streak against the Braves and put themselves in much better position for controlling their own destiny.  The Pirates series now will be huge and the Marlins need to keep the momentum going strong! 

Andrew Nardi filled in very well to give a strong finish to the game for the Marlins who without their closer.  Nardi has been a strong set up man and shut down relief pitcher this season so he was the natural fit for the closer role last night.  As we wrote previously, Tanner Scott is out on paternity leave and will return soon, so Nardi is the guy until that happens, no announcement has been made as of yet but my guess is he will be there for the Pirates series.  

The most important factor for the game last night is the linked loss by the Cubs and the Marlins win.   The Diamondbacks will be tough to catch but they have a three game series against the Astros who are fighting for a playoff spot as well so it could be a wild finish in both leagues.   

The Cubs finish out against the Cardinals and the Marlins against the Pirates, so both are much easier opponents than the Diamondbacks so it could change daily!   The MLB playoffs are upon us and the Marlins are in the mix which is very exciting and they need to keep swimming towards the finish line and make it into October!  With only a few games remaining every game will count, so tune in and take notice every day to the Marlins and standings.

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