Miami Marlins Trade Deadline Hitting Targets Left?

There are hitters out there but can Kim Ng pull it off?
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The Miami Marlins showed the front office brass one more time prior to the trade deadline they need a big bat to get over the hump.  The average team can get by for only so long with average players unless they truly have a game changing hitter that opposing teams fear.   The Marlins lost 2-4 to the Phillies at home and left 7 men on base and went 0-for-4 with runners in scoring position.  They need a big bat.

The trade deadline has been one of the worst in recent years thanks to middling teams.  The best of teams are few and the the overwhelming majority of teams this year are within reach of making the playoffs, which has made the sellers few.  The Marlins have lost out on several power hitters that have been sold, like CJ Cron and Jeimer Candelario, and only a few hours remain until they stay with their current roster.  They need to make a move now, but what power hitters remain?