Miami Marlins Trade Deadline Hitting Targets Left?

There are hitters out there but can Kim Ng pull it off?

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Tim Anderson - White Sox

Tim Anderson hit his first home run of the year and has struggled the whole season but has been playing better as of late.   Anderson makes no sense for the Marlins other than his position but Joey Wendle has stats around the same range as Anderson so it makes no sense to lose anything to acquire him.  

Eloy Jiminez - White Sox

Jiminez has been the latest rumored player the Marlins are interested in and for good reason.  He is hitting .285 with 13 home runs and 47 RBI and could hit in the middle of the lineup.  Jiminez has one more year remaining after this season and a 2 year team option after that, so the value could be worth it if they can acquire him.  

Kim Ng needs to make a move and acquire a power hitter that will make a difference, even if it’s a name that is not well known.  The fact of the matter remains that the Marlins have had many players move in and out of the middle of the order and they need an anchor to bring in runs.  If the Marlins doesn’t score more and more frequently they will struggle to make it to October, and that will be a clear failure of the GM.

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