Miami Marlins Trade package prediction for Jorge Soler

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Houston Astros, Yainer Diaz, Miami Marlins
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The Houston Astros would be giving up a lot in this trade and I don't know if GM Brown will go for it but if they value Soler highly, they might consider the following:

Miami Marlins get: Yainer Diaz (C), Chas McCormick (OF), Pedro Leon (SS), Shawn Dubin (P)

Houston Astros get: Jorge Soler

Yainer Diaz is the catcher of the future for the Houston Astros, but it might be difficult to let him take over when they have highly regarded Martin Maldonado behind the dish. The Astros have a plethora of outfielders in their system so McCormick is on the trading block, and would be a great starting centerfielder for the Marlins, which would give Jazz more time to heal. Jazz could start back at DH and then work his way onto the field.

As for Pedro Leon and Shawn Dubin, both are with the Astros AAA team the Sugarland Space Cowboys. Leon is blocked from joining the big club by Bregman and Pena and Dubin would be pitching in the bullpen right now but the Astros have him on their list of potential starters due to their rotation being injured.