Miami Marlins trade scenario that would Supercharge the lineup

Can the Cardinals be convinced, it might be a tough sell
New York Yankees v St. Louis Cardinals - Game One
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More Realistic Supercharge

Another potential trade the Miami Marlins should look into would be if the Cardinals would give up multiple players in a trade, to include either Paul DeJong and Nolan Gorman or Gorman and Tommy Edman.  Although these scenarios more likely, Marlins fans would love Goldschmidt.  The only issue is that reportedly the Cardinals have hinted that Goldschmidt is the one player that is off-limits.   So either they pay up big time and try and lure him away or they look for other pieces to compliment their lineup, like the second trade scenario.

For a multiperson trade the Marlins will have to give up several pieces, especially looking at a major league potential player or pitcher. I think Jake Eder is looking more and more like a potential trade candidate and then maybe a few more younger position players. Could the Marlins swing such a trade, possibly, but it will cost them and that would likely be the only trade possible unless they can dump Avisail Garcia or Jean Segura on someone.