Miami Marlins trade targets, 2 to consider and 1 to avoid

Miami Marlins v Chicago White Sox
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Jeimer Candelario, Miami Marlins
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Jeimer Candelario, WSH, Best Option

The Washington Nationals 29 year old third baseman Jeimer Candelario was just acquired this off-season and signed a one year deal for five million.  I really like this option as he should be cheap and may just require Segura and a prospect to acquire.   Candelario has smashed 8 home runs and 30 RBI with a slash line of .251/.330/.446 with an OPS of .775.   

Now you might be saying, this guys very average why waste the time and talent on him, but that’s the point, he won’t be the most sought after third baseman so the price will be low and he’s such an improvement on Segura’s 1 home run and 11 RBI that it would pay dividends.  Candelario’s stats are also higher this season, closer to his career averages with the following increases:  hard hit percentage 4%, strikeout percentage -4%, home run percentage .3%, and BAbip 30 points.  Finally, Candelario is a better fielder, sitting at .975 as compared to Segura’s .952. The Miami Marlins would be wise to go after him.