Miami Marlins trade targets, 2 to consider and 1 to avoid

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Eugenio Suarez, Miami Marlins
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Eugenio Suarez, Mariners, One option to Avoid

Could Eugenio Suarez be on the trade block this year, I think that depends on the next few weeks for the Mariners.  They are hovering around .500 and are in fourth place in the very tough AL West.  Suarez is also under contract through 2024 with a team option for 2025 so he might not be on the block but if the Miami Marlins give up a close to major league ready prospect they could sway the Mariners.

I wouldn’t have him first on my list, as he is very streaky and is hitting .218 with a 29% strikeout rate.   You may argue he is close to Wisdom but Wisdom has 14 home runs which is double that of Suarez and they both strike out a lot, so with that said, I will take more home runs.  Suarez’ stats are also down on the year in both home run percentage and his OPS (almost .150 point drop).  The last reason I wouldn’t consider him is his contract, which is about 9.5 million a year, too steep of a price for such low performance.

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