Miami Marlins weekend news

Bryan Reynolds
Bryan Reynolds / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

As the weekend has begun, so did more frustrating news for Miami Marlins fans. A potential trade partner is no longer available; a division rival improved their weak area and another potential trade partner seems to be even better, but knowing Kim Ng this off-season, it will end up going badly for us anyway. This holiday weekend has not begun the way that it should've. Where are our improvements that Kim Ng has been promising for months now?!

Miami Marlins news aren't bright on this holiday weekend.

Let's start with the big news, Bryan Reynolds is still out there. The Pittsburgh Pirates are still at least open to moving him, and now we have some positive news involved in this matter... Pittsburgh wants a starting pitcher to headline the trade, which is why it isn't working out for them in their discussions with the New York Yankees. The Bronx Bombers don't have any good pitching that they're willing to trade. Here's a "surprise", do you know who does? The Miami Marlins! If Pittsburgh wants starting pitching, we're ready to offer it. That is if Kim Ng isn't too paralyzed by indecision to actually do something.

I don't know if Bryan Reynolds ends up patrolling the Miami Marlins OF in 2023. Pittsburgh seems to want what we have and are willing to offer, but their demands are high and Kim Ng doesn't seem to be able to take nay initiative and just make a trade decision. I suspect that she's either too afraid of making a mistake, or wants to easily win a trade and is waiting out for such a "perfect" one to materialize. In the meantime, another trade partner is gone. The Arizona Diamondbacks traded from an OF logjam that they could've traded from with us. I doubt that they'll trade anyone else now.

The Philadelphia Phillies added to their one big roster weakness (their bullpen) by signing Craig Kimbrel. Kimbrel hasn't been good for the Los Angeles Dodgers last season, but is still an experienced reliever with past success, so he should at least be a decent arm for them with some upside. The only positive for us is that Carlos Correa may not be signing with the New York Mets after all. Looks like the San Francisco Giants may not have had buyer's remorse due to money after all.

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