Miami Marlins: Why I wouldn’t touch this Jazz Chisholm mock trade with Philadelphia

St. Louis Cardinals v Miami Marlins
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facebooktwitterreddit recently posted a. mock trade sending Miami Marlins stars Jazz Chisholm and Tanner Scott for a package of prospects. While the Fish are clearly in full rebuild mode, the club would be wise to avoid any trade discussions with this level of return.

The proposed offer nets Miami the trio of SS Bryan Rincon, OF Gabriel Rincones Jr, and pitcher Griff McGarry. For context, none of the pieces rank in MLB’s Top 100 Prospects, with Rincon ranking #7 in Philly’s system, Rincones Jr ranking 9th, and McGarry checking in at 10th.

The headliner, Rincon, is a defensive-first shortstop known for a good batting eye and contact skills. However, neither his power nor speed are particuarly impressive.

Ricncones Jr. represents something of the opposite. He is a big outfielder with great power potential. Unfortunately, his poor defensive skils and weak throwing arm have scouts already speculating that he could be better suited as a career 1B or DH.

Finally, McGarry has a deep pitching bag with at least five solid pitches. However, none stand out as above average. He has also suffered from control issues, posting a sub-par 6.1BB/9 rate entering 2024.

While this haul represents a solid trio with reasonably high upside, it is noticably void of any truly transendent talent. The Marlins must have a significantly higher asking price in any deal involving Chisholm.

Miami’s star outfielder is a former All-Star who currently boasts 10 home runs and 13 steals with a .266 batting average. His ceiling is 30 homer and 30 steals, with the potential to even go 40-40 in a single campaign.

It is also important, esecially for a small-market team like Miami, that Chisholm remains under team control until the 2027 season. This places the star on a team-freidnly contract for the foreseeable future.

For the record, I would swiftly reject the proposed offer, and any that do not include a top-100 prospect (plus additional pieces). In fact, I do not beleive it to be a fair retrn for Jazz alone. When you consider the addition of Scott, it becomes wowfully lopsided.

Scott, in his own right, has established himself as one of the better bullpen pieces anywhere in baseball. He established himself as a legitimate closer in 2023, and has recpatured his stellar form to the tune of a 1.86 ERA, eight saves, and 32 strikeouts so far this season.

In terms of a counter, a package including Jazz and Scott would make sense if Phillies #1 (and #18 overall) prospect Andrew Painter were included. Otherwise, a package featuring infielder Aidan Miller (#47 overall) and one of Mick Abel (#60) or Justin Crawford (#62) would be of interest.

While this is an admittedly high asking price, the Marlins would be foolish to even consider trading Jazz without a clear headlining prospect in return. Players like Chisholm don’t come around often. The club must captialize on any potential trade involving their superstar.

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