Miami Marlins - Winter Meetings top 3 needs according to Neil Raymond

J.D. Martinez
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Jorge Soler is likely not coming back to The Fish in 2024. One of the biggest issues that the team faced in 2023 is hitting. It's vital for the team to add big bats, as well as replacing departing ones. Replacing Jorge Soler should be one of the priorities for the team this off-season. I have a specific name in mind.

A homecoming for J.D. Martinez should be one of the priorities for the Miami Marlins this off-season. A Miami native of Cuban descent should help with ticket sales and fan attendance, as well as bringing veteran leadership and World Series winning experience to the team. JDM wasn't exactly a slouch in 2023, as he batted .271/.321/.572 with 33 home runs and 103 RBI in 113 games and 432 AB.

There are other options too. What about acquiring Eloy Jimenez from the Chicago White Sox? If Eloy is available, then the Miami Marlins should look at what it would take to acquire him. It's important to point out that he does have an injury history, but is still young enough (27), and has an elite power bat (91.6 career Exit Velocity).

The key for The Fish is to acquire a big bat to replace Jorge Soler. Improving the offense is overall the biggest priority for the Miami Marlins this off-season.