Miami should look into this free agent in the off-season, is it a good choice?

Marlins need bullpen help, there is no doubt
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One of the biggest needs the Marlins had at the deadline was for a strong relief pitcher and yet GM Kim Ng did not find a good replacement. The Marlins now have to look at that same trade market they saw in July and decide who they want to attempt to sign to a contract. 

The Marlins need a strong right-handed relief pitcher

The Marlins have a need in the bullpen to have a longer stretch of shut down men and there is one relief pitcher we would love to see. The hard part is that this relief pitcher would be difficult to pry from the current money situation he was traded into and for him to go for a small market team. 

The Marlins would be a fun club for Keynan Middleton and a contender. Middleton was a shut down right handed pitcher for the Yankees once he arrived on the scene. The Marlins pen is full of lefty pitchers but they need a solid righty to help situational pitching. 

Middleton had a 1.88 ERA over 14.1 innings with the Yankees as well as a 0.977 WHIP. The right handed reliever is an unrestricted free agent and he made a difference for a contending team. That is resume enough for me, as he fits the need the Marlins pen has and fits it very well. Who knows what price tag he will have but I think he is worth the cost to solidify the pen. 

The righty reliever enjoyed his time with the Yankees so it might be tough to pry him away but the Marlins have a similar stature. Middleton enjoyed the leadership and expectations of the Yankees organization and Skip Schumaker’s leadership is just the leadership he wants. If the Marlins can get a seat at the table for his services, I think they will be a great fit. 

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