makes a shocking prediction about the Miami Marlins

Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Eric Espada/GettyImages

It's time to get ready for the 2023 season and expectations for the Miami Marlins. has some interesting projections for The Fish for the 2023 season! They're saying that the Miami Marlins are "turnaround" candidates who can surprise by being much better than we were in 2022. There's more to it than that but let's get into this, and see what expects and what's realistic for the Miami Marlins. has interesting expectations for the Miami Marlins.

This is what says about The Fish:

"This is the pick on the board we’re the least certain about. They should be a little better, no question. Luis Arraez and Jean Segura are electric upgrades to the top of the order, and having video game cover athlete Jazz Chisholm Jr. healthy for a full season will make a world of difference (and make the baseball season a lot more fun for everyone, not just Marlins fans). The pitching, even with Pablo López having been traded to Minnesota, should be solid, with returning NL Cy Young Award winner Sandy Alcantara buffeted by veteran Johnny Cueto and exciting youngsters like Jesús Luzardo, Edward Cabrera and Trevor Rogers. The problem, of course, is the NL East, which has three highly motivated, deeply talented teams above Miami in Atlanta, Philadelphia and New York. Have the Marlins done enough to catch them? Probably not. But they’ll certainly surpass 69 wins, and with a little bit of luck, .500 is certainly not out of the picture."

I think that the Philadelphia Phillies only winning 87 games last season and then going on a hot streak is being overrated. They would not have made the playoffs under the old system, and we would be talking about a team that is still trying to return to the playoffs for a decade. Despite their big signing of Trea Turner, they actually got worse all across the board and Fangraphs projects a decline in WAR overall. The New York Mets are projected for a similar decline as they expect one of the oldest rosters in the Majors to hold up for 162 games. Flashy signings are...flashy signings.

The Miami Marlins will almost certainly win more than the 69 games that we did in 2022. The Fish had an insanely high amount of injuries in 2022 and just getting back to the norm should help a lot. Add an improved lineup and better luck in one-run games and that should lead to more wins. Games are played for a reason, and just assuming the historically inept Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets to be good based on flashy signings with no substance is a fool's errand.

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