New rules could help the Miami Marlins in 2023

Jon Berti
Jon Berti / Eric Espada/GettyImages

There are new rules in place for the 2023 season. Those rules might just help the Miami Marlins. I'm talking about larger bases and limits on pick-off throws by pitchers. Those rules have seemingly been designed to increase speed and the amount of stolen bases. It's also meant to speed up the game. Will it help The Fish though? Will extra speed be a significant contributor to winning more games? Assuming the rest of the lineup is good, maybe...

The Miami Marlins might get a boost from increased speed.

As other teams are spending more this off-season, it seems that the Miami Marlins might have to turn to small ball type approaches to win more ballgames. One such approach may be to simply get on base and use speed and bunting to score more runs. The limit on pick-off attempts by pitchers and larger bases seem to make that a very strong possibility.

The Miami Marlins already have multiple players that can steal a large amount of bases... Jazz Chisholm Jr. can do that as The Fish's second baseman. Jazz stole 12 bases in 60 games and in 2021 he stole 23 in 124 games. If he's finally mostly healthy in 2023, will he steal even more?

Another player who will steal a lot of bases is bench player Jon Berti, who actually led the Majors in stolen bases in 2022. He stole 41 in 102 games. The only issue is he is a bench player, so he might not receive that many at-bats. When he does however, I expect him to steal quite a few to say the least.

Should the Miami Marlins look for hitters that will also steal a lot of bases? That may not be a bad strategy to help the team. An approach such as this led to the 2002 Anaheim Angels winning the World Series out of nowhere, after not een making the playoffs since 1986. They weren't a big market team back then. The Kansas City Royals won two pennants and a World Series in 2014-2015 with this approach, and it helped the 2003 Florida Marlins as well. What do you think?

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