Off-season needs the Miami Marlins have, ranked by importance, with one big glaring need

These do however have the chance to change depending on potential free agents on the roster
Sep 30, 2023; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Miami Marlins designated hitter Jorge Soler (12) drives
Sep 30, 2023; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Miami Marlins designated hitter Jorge Soler (12) drives / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins have several holes to fill this offseason, which is especially surprising considering they made the playoffs. The Marlins however have several role players and a few highly overplayed players that need to be addressed. We will look at in order from biggest need to least in a top 4 ranking list and why. 

1st need DH - the Marlins need more bats to compete and make it back to the playoffs

A big time bat to go between DH and his normal position. The Marlins are likely losing Soler who was their primary DH so they need a quality bat to anchor the lineup moving forward. The Marlins can look to both signing a free agent and to trades if the right offer comes along. The Marlins can use any position player for DH so it’s really a matter of finding the best available bat. 

2nd Outfield - with 1 or 2 players on the way out, the Marlins need an outfielder

This might come as a surprise to you but I believe the Marlins have a huge need in the outfield. Can you count on Jazz Chisholm for a full season out there, I would think not. If I were the Marlins GM I am looking for a power hitting outfielder so that when I lose Jazz the impact is lessened. I would even trade for one to go with a free agent signing so you have a solid backup, that is if we can get rid of Avisail Garcia. 

3rd Shortstop - the Marlins ongoing need at short needs attention

I only put shortstop third because it will be the most difficult one to find a huge impact player. It won’t be cheap to add a shortstop of quality so it might be best to look for a middle of the road shortstop and spend time focusing on power positions for big bats. The need is there and if they can get a shortstop that is a big bat they go up on the list of priorities. 

4th Catcher - this might be the easiest to upgrade, and it needs to happen

Catcher is another position like shortstop that it is hard to find a quality player for the Marlins budget. As such, the Marlins will need a catcher and should look for a quality one in one area at least to make up for the other weaknesses. Finding a big time defensive catcher would be great and they won’t have to pay too heavily. Finding a big bat will be too hard so they should go for a quality defensive catcher who can hit decently. 

Not on the list but needed:

Starting pitcher for a year, righty relief pitcher, first base potentially 

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