Ohtani’s interest in the Braves could be doomsday for the Marlins

The Marlins absolutely don't want to face Ohtani
Sep 30, 2023; Anaheim, California, USA; Los Angeles Angels two-way player Shohei Ohtani (17) watches
Sep 30, 2023; Anaheim, California, USA; Los Angeles Angels two-way player Shohei Ohtani (17) watches / Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

The 2023 season series between the Marlins and Braves was not even close. The Braves beat the Marlins in 9 of 13 games this past season and they easily won the division. The Division champs were bounced by the Phillies from the playoffs, as were the Marlins. Now the Miami Marlins might have another problem. 

Ohtani's Atlanta intrigue gives Marlins illness

Shohei Ohtani recently expressed that he was ‘very intrigued’ about the idea of playing for the Atlanta Braves. Nothing could be worse for the Miami Marlins who are starting their playoff window as a young team. If the Braves were to acquired Ohtani it would spell even more trouble for the Marlins and potentially a long term roadblock for the upstart Wild Card team. Does his intrigue mean a sincere interest, time will tell, but it could spell doomsday for the Marlins.

Ohtani’s versatility makes him a very valuable free agent and so many teams want his service. The Braves do need some pitching so that part would make sense but Marlins fans hope that is not a possibility. The Marlins pitching struggled against the Braves and their season run differential was miserable, this would make that even worse. 

Ohtani led the league in several offensive categories including home runs with 44 total. The last thing the green Marlins pitching staff needs is to face yet another Braves power hitter. The Marlins did well to control Ohtani this season, however his batting average in Atlanta is out of this world going 5 for 10. 

The Marlins fans of course want Ohtani for themselves but the chances of that are slim to none. The Braves division dynasty will continue without issue if they can manage to get Ohtani and the Marlins will again be left to compete for a wild card spot with the Phillies, who are also looking to get better. Let’s all hope another large market team gets ahold of him before Atlanta.

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