Potential new rule can help the Miami Marlins

Jon Berti
Jon Berti / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins are finally doing good and should start extending some key players. In the meantime, MLB has a new rule idea and will experiment with it in the Minor Leagues. This new rule is intriguing and as usual with new rules...is polarizing. What's this new rule? It is the "designated pinch runner" rule, and it can benefit The Fish due to Jon Berti. Is this a good rule? Wwill it really benefit The Fish?

MLB will be experimenting with a potential new rule change.

MLB typically experiments with rules in the Atlantic League. The plan is for them to use the "designated pinch runner" rule there first, and then see just how successful it can possibly be. To start with, there's no guarantee that this rule will ever actually be used in the Major Leagues. How does the rule actually work? A team can replace a runner with a pinch runner, but then have the original runner remain in the game. In other words, the pinch runner only runs for the player, but does not actually do anything else. The replaced player remains batting and playing defense.

Is this a good rule? Not for the purist fans. Fans who think that the designated hitter rule was hurting the purity of the game, won't support the designated pinch runner rule. You can also argue if it's even fair. It's basically a temporary substitution, where hitters are no longer fully responsible for running after getting on base. It's unfair to expect pitchers to also be good hitters (designated hitter rule), but running?! Shouldn't every hitter be responsible for their own running once they get on base?!

The rule can however benefit the Miami Marlins. Bench fixture Jon Berti led the Major Leagues in stolen bases last season, and is a clear weapon on the base-paths. He's not a good hitter: .243/.331/.351 career batting line. He's also only batting .226/.250/.302 this season. This is why Berti is not a starter and is stuck on the bench, but imagine how useful he's going to be used as a pinch runner! More runs would be a realistic possibility if the rule passes, and he's still on the Miami Marlins roster.

dark. Next. It's time to extend this key hitter...