Ranking the Top No-Hitters in Miami Marlins History

The Marlins History of great pitching is awesome, lets take a look back
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The Miami/Florida Marlins have had a total of six no-hitters in their illustrious history. Despite being the third youngest franchise in MLB (founded in 1993), this mark ranks in the 20th on the all-time list of no-hitters by franchise.

The Fish rank ahead of significantly older clubs including the Pirates (founded in 1882), Orioles (1901), Twins (1901), and Mets (1962). Interestingly enough, Miami also boasts several pieces of baseball history that are woven throughout these six pitching gems.

Are you up for a trip down Marlins' memory lane? And perhaps up to learn some odd baseball records that will win your next baseball trivia night? Here are the Miami Marlins no-hitter power rankings:

#6: A.J. Burnett; May 12, 2001

A.J. Burnett's 2001 no-hitter represents one of the most fascinating odd stats in baseball history. On the plus side, the former All-Star (2015) recorded seven strikeouts on his way to a 3-0, no-hit victory against Ricky Henderson's San Diego Padres.

However, despite the dominant overall line, Burnett battled serious control problems throughout the course of the contest. While most pitchers flirt with a perfect game at some point in the course of throwing a no-hitter, Burnett's walk issues kept him far away from the latter feat.

The Marlins' starter walked nine batters in as many innings of work. This BB total is the second highest in MLB history, behind only Jim Maloney's 10-walk no-hitter with the 1965 Cincinnati Reds. This unusually high mark has caused Burnett's outing to commonly be ranked among the worst no-nos in baseball history.

While this future ace's outing was unique, he did manage to shut out his opponent while preventing them from putting even a single ball in play. This is an oft-maligned, but underrated moment that deserves a place of honor in Marlins' history.