Ranking the Top No-Hitters in Miami Marlins History

The Marlins History of great pitching is awesome, lets take a look back
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#1: Edison Volquez, June 3, 2017

Edison Volquez's 2017 no-no ranks first on our list for two reasons:

1) It was a truly dominant outing by the electric starter. Volquez needed just 98 pitches to retire the minimum 27 batters (Volquez had two walks, each of which was recorded out on double plays). This is the fewest total number of pitches for a no-hitter in Marlins' history. Additionally, ten of his outs came via the strikeout.

While we're on the subject of trivia-worthy no-hitter facts. Volquez's was the first to feature a called hit being overturned by replay review. It was an all-around stellar star by the Fins' defacto-ace. This leads us to...

2) The emotional moments. Unlike others on this list, Volquez's no-hitter had emotional storylines and connections that surpassed the on-field game.

After the game, Volquez co-dedicated his game to friend and former teammate Yordano Ventura (pitcher for the Kansas City Royals), who tragically passed away earlier that year. The date of the no-hitter would have been Ventura's 26th birthday.

Volquez also co-dedicated his historic outing to fallen former teammate and Marlins' ace Jose Fernandez, who had passed away unexpectedly the year before.

When you combine the Greg-Maddux-like efficiency, the high strikeout totals, and the emotional connections, Volquez's no-hitter stands out as the best and most important in Marlins' franchise history.

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