Skip Schumaker is taking the Miami Marlins to the next level

Skip Schumaker
Skip Schumaker / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Reigning National League Manager of the Year Skip Schumaker has a system that works. After the Miami Marlins made the playoffs in 2023, the team is hoping to return in 2024. With how good Skip has been, is it a surprise that key Fish bats want contract extensions with the team? It makes sense to see exactly how Skip makes the players feel and how he's making the team succeed. That's exactly what recently did.

Miami Marlins manager Skip Schumaker has been a major part of the team's success.

Josh Bell played against Skip Schumaker's Miami Marlins prior to being acquired by the team. He praised the mentality and work ethic of the team. He pointed out that the team does littel things well. The things being grinding out at-bats, running the bases, setting up runs... It's those little things that lead to runs. Those runs led to The Fish doing great in one-run games.

There is the issue with Skip Schumaker's contract however. His contract runs out after this season. Does this mean that he could be on his way out? Why not give him an extension now? Skip actually likes it this way...

"I've always played as a player year to year. I've coached year to year, and I'm going to manage year to year as well. If they give you a five-year contract, they can let you go after Year 1. So that doesn't really matter to me. You always coach to try to be irreplaceable. I've always thought that. I try to tell my staff that. If I lose you, is it going to be tough for us to figure out your replacement?’ And that's how I've always thought about coaching. The contract, I'm not going to talk about it again, because it doesn't matter to me.

Miami Marlins PBO Peter Bendix admires Schumaker too. He flew to California to meet him upon being hired by the team and has had countless conversations with him. Bendix said that he and Schumaker are on the same page, with how they value winning and culture. It's great to read about, as many PBO's/GM's like to bring in their own managers after taking over the team. Bendix says that Skip is a leader and believes that a manager is essential to leading the team to victory. It's definitely good to know that he values Skip this much.

Skip Schumaker is a great manager and it's great to know that his players respect him and that Peter Bendix values him. I expect him to continue doing great with the team in 2024.

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