The best Miami Marlins lineup when Jazz Chisholm returns

There have been many different lineups both with and without Jazz, here's what we think would be best
Oakland Athletics v Miami Marlins
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The Miami Marlins have had numerous different lineups this season with the many and varied injuries as well as the rising prospects and struggling veterans. Going forward, when Jazz Chisholm returns to the lineup the Marlins could have another lineup iteration that would work well with the teams current vibes.

Jazz has hit leadoff in the vast majority of his games played this season for the Miami Marlins, and for good reason. Jazz has the speed, contact rate, and stolen base numbers that make him a threat to any opposing team once he gets on base. He can easily turn a leadoff single into a runner in scoring position before any team records an out. Jazz has hit .265 in 112 plate appearances with 5 home runs and 12 RBI this season, while only having 47 plate appearances in other spots in the lineup.

Chisholm has only hit leadoff, 3 hole, 4 hole, and 6 hole this year and in the 4 and 6 hole he has hit one home run in each spot but is batting below the mendoza line in at least 20 plate appearances. Not a large sample size but it does give some evidence he should not maybe be in those spots. He has had only 4 plate appearances in the 3 spot in the lineup and has 2 walks and no hits, but this is where I think he will fit best going forward.

Chisholm has the numbers to hit 3rd in the lineup and can be a dangerous bat at that point. If the Marlins look to change as little as possible, which could look interesting, it could make for their best lineup. If the Marlins still lead off Luis Arraez, which they should, followed by Jorge Soler, and then Jazz Chisholm, that makes for a tough start to any game for a starting pitcher, especially if Arraez or Soler get on base. Lets look at a potential full lineup:

2B Arraez
RF Soler
CF Chisholm
LF De La Cruz
DH Cooper
1B Gurriel
SS Wendle
3B Berti
C Fortes

That lineup looks pretty tough, and would get even tougher with the addition of a big bat hitting cleanup. The Marlins could be a pretty tough lineup going forward if they look to make those select changes going forward but could be even better with another bat at 3rd pushing Gurriel down to the seven hole in the lineup, but either way Jazz should be in the middle of things to create as much stress as possible on opposing pitchers. I would personally swap De La Cruz and Soler, but I can understand why Skip might not want to with how things are going.

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