The bullpen has been a disaster for the Miami Marlins

The Marlins 'pen has been blowing saves left and right and it's hard to watch
Anthony Bender
Anthony Bender / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

I hate being right again, but I seem to have called it before the season ever even really got under way. The Miami Marlins bullpen is not good this season and things just look plain bleak in that regard. The worst part is that closer Tanner Scott was legitimately the best closer in the game last season, based on WAR. Why is the bullpen such a mess this season instead?

The Miami Marlins bullpen is a major issue for the team this season.

The Miami Marlins are currently 6-18. Do you know how many of those 18 losses were caused by the bullpen? On March 31, The Fish scored 7 runs but still lost 9-7 to the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 10'th inning as Vladimir Gutierrez gave up 3 runs. On April 1, The Fish were winning 4-0 against the Los Angeles Angels, but ultimately the 3 runs given up by the aforementioned Tanner Scott and Anthony Bender.

On April 4, the Miami Marlins were leading the St. Louis Cardinals 4-3, until Sixto Sanchez gave up 3 runs (2 earned), followed by 2 by Andrew Nardi. On April 12, The Fish were down 2-0 against the Atlanta Braves, but while scoring another run later on, gave up 5 runs. Those runs were given up by George Soriano and then Andrew Nardi again. That game was lost 8-1. On April 14, The Fish lost to the Atlanta Braves 9-7. Miami was actually winning 7-6 in the 9'th inning, until Tanner Scott gave up 3 runs.

On April 15, The Fish were winning 3-1 in the 7'th inning but then George Soriano gave up 3 runs to cause the 4-3 loss. On April 17, the Miami Marlins were tied 1-1 with the San Francisco Giants into the 7'th inning. Declan Cronin and then Anthony Bender gave up a run each to lead to a 3-1 loss.

On April 20, the Miami Marlins lost 5-3 to the Chicago Cubs. The Fish were winning 3-1, when Anthony Bender gave up 4 runs (3 earned) in the 6'th inning. As you can see that is 7 games that the Miami Marlins could've theoretically won. The record would've then been...13-10.

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