The Miami Marlins and the New York Mets 3B situation

Carlos Correa
Carlos Correa / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins are affected by our division rivals. That's a pretty obvious thing to most fans. The current drama with the New York Mets trying to sign Carlos Correa to play third base has been pretty significant for The Fish. If the Mets don't sign Correa, then obviously they won't be as good as they will be with him. That is despite the fact that I question the logic of giving a massive contract to an elite defensive SS to play a different less crucial position. Correa may do fine at third base, but not playing SS definitely affects his value negatively. What's next here?

The Miami Marlins are affected by the New York Mets and their pursuit of a third baseman.

The New York Mets have grown frustrated with the situation and may even end their negotiations with Correa. As a reminder, Carlos Correea agreed to a contract with the San Francisco Giants, that fell apart due to medical issues. He then agreed to a deal with the New York Mets that is now falling apart for the same exact reason. The Mets may be leaving the table, and the Minnesota Twins may actually have a chance to bring him back.

The New York Mets may be better off without Correa anyway which is the part that is concerning for the Miami Marlins. Manny Machado is expected to opt-out of his deal with the San Diego Padres and hit free agency next off-season. Machado is better than Correa as a defended in third base and offensively. I would say that he would be a better signing too. That is obviously not a good thing for The Fish. The good thing is that another elite third baseman is off the board for the next off-season.

Rafael Devers signed a massive extension with the Boston Red Sox, so we no longer have to worry about him ending up a New York Met next year. Ideally for the Miami Marlins, Carlos Correa ends up staying in Minnesota and Machado ends up staying in San Diego and not going to the Mets or the Philadelphia Phillies in free agency.

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