The Miami Marlins are a team of Destiny, first time in the playoffs since 2003!

Postseason here we come!
Miami Marlins v Pittsburgh Pirates
Miami Marlins v Pittsburgh Pirates / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

No one wants to play the September Marlins!

The Miami Marlins have overcome so much this season to get to where they are and they keep rolling with the punches.  Not many teams can lose so much at different parts of the year and still be in the mix for the playoffs.   The fact that they are October bound begs the question, are they a team destined for a great season, I would say absolutely yes!  

The most dangerous part about the 2023 Marlins team is their fight through adversity.  That might just make them the most dangerous team of all.  They are on a mission and have been hot this month with their second best month of the season.  In June the Marlins were on fire and went 19-8 and now they are 18-9 this month which should be 19-9 if it weren't for the Mets.  

As is often the case in playoff baseball the hottest team has the best chance to win it all and not just the best or most talented team.  The Marlins are hot right now, there is no doubt.  The Marlins have won a series against every possible NL playoff opponent in September, now that’s a statement.  Now the Marlins are officially in the 2023 MLB playoffs, and its sweet to fans who have been with the team all season long!

One thing is for sure the Marlins are tough as nails in close games and have the best record in the MLB in 1 run games, which is why they are at this point. The Marlins run differential is not good but it doesn't matter, all that matters right now is they are in the postseason and they win close games. That's what it takes to win in October and the Marlins are October bound!

First round of the MLB playoffs is on Tuesday October 3rd and the Marlins will get to play either the Phillies or the Brewers depending on how the D'backs end the season! The Marlins Magic number is 0!

Next. Arraez returns and the Marlins come back and win!. Arraez returns and the Marlins come back and win!. dark