The Miami Marlins are beating the odds with their run this season

The Marlins are the top in anything but could find their way into the postseason
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins are not the top team in really any category and yet they are in the mix and only a game out of a playoff spot with a handful of games left.  The biggest and most successful stat the Marlins have owned all season has been their hits.  The only confusing part of that high ranking stat is the contrasting low ranking in all other offensive categories.   The Marlins are in the 20s for the rest of the offensive stat rankings as a team.  

The Marlins are hitting like the best of teams with a 5th ranked position in all of baseball with a team average of .258.  The Marlins are 9th ranked in baseball with regards to hits at 1358.  On the surface it would seem the Marlins are one of the best teams with regards to offense but looking more into the rest of the stats proves otherwise.  

The Marlins are 26th ranked in runs and that ranking as well is baffling considering their current standing, one game out of the wild card.  The Marlins sit at 23rd in doubles, 24th in home runs, and 26th in RBI.  All those things you would assume are needed to be one of the six best teams in the National League, yet the Marlins are defying the odds this season, it seems almost like destiny.  

Can the Marlins continue the fight they have been at all season and make it into the playoffs?  Time will tell but their 3rd worst run differential in the National League at -51 would say otherwise and yet that makes it even more enticing to say yes we will make it!   The odds are against us but everyone loves a good underdog story and with the Marlins budget and performance this year they are just that, but also a team of destiny.   Here’s to hoping we get to the postseason, despite the odds.