The Miami Marlins financial comparison with other teams might surprise you

The Fish have some interesting numbers when you compare payrolls
Bruce Sherman
Bruce Sherman / Mark Brown/GettyImages

Bruce Sherman has a plan for the Miami Marlins and that's why he hired Peter Bendix. It doesn't resolve certain issues however. Have you ever wondered where The Fish stand in comparison to the rest of the Major Leagues? I'm talking about team payrolls payrolls and owner net worth in this case.

How do the Miami Marlins payroll and Bruce Sherman's net worth compare to the rest of the Majors?

Let's start with team payrolls. I rounded out all of the payrolls by the way. The Miami Marlins division rivals the New York Mets have the highest payroll at $308 million. The New York Yankees come next at $307 million. Focusing on the top 10, there are the Houston Astros in third with $249 million. The Philadelphia Phillies were fourth with $244 million. It's never good when two of your division rivals are among the top 5 highest spending teams. The Texas Rangers round out the top 5 at $231 million.

You have to go all the way down to 28'th to find the Miami Marlins at $98 million. That's less than the Cleveland Guardians, who are ahead in 27'th place at $101 million. The 21'st place Washington Nationals at $110 million. The Atlanta Braves are 6'th at $230 million. Yes, the NL East is not the best division to be in and The Fish are certainly looking bad being last in the division based on payroll.

Another concerning thing is Bruce Sherman's net worth. The Miami Marlins owner's worth is $500 million. This puts him lowest among Major League owners and is concerning considering he bought the team for $1.2 billion. This pretty much guarantees that the team will never have a top 5, let a lone a top 10 payroll. It's also concerning the high-paying teams in The Fish's division.

None of the news about payrolls looks good for the Miami Marlins. The owner does not have the resources to spend lavishly on the team, and the team isn't really competitive when it comes to having large payrolls. The question is whether there is a silver lining going forward.

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