The Miami Marlins have some good and bad news...

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The Miami Marlins are trying to make the Postseason. It's a wild ride with a lot of hurdles to overcome, one of them is the topic of this article. published an interesting article today about schedules for contenders, and guess who was on it? The Miami Marlins! One of the good news here, is that they're finally acknowledging the team as "contenders".

The Miami Marlins may have some issues due to the schedule.

The article on is talking about which contending teams have hard schedules, and which ones do not. Care to guess the bad news part? The Miami Marlins are on the latter list. Let's take a look at who is on the former list, and if it affects The Fish.

The Fish's rivals for an NL Wild Card spot the Chicago Cubs, have one of the easiest schedules going forward. They have to face the Kansas City Royals, Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks, Kansas City Royals, Colorado Rockies and Pittsburgh Pirates going forward. The Atlanta Braves are their toughest opponents going forward. The Baltimore Orioles have an easy schedule going forward, but that doesn't affect The Fish at all. Baltimore plays in a different division and a different league, the teams also don't play each other this season.

The Seattle Mariners are third on the list, despite not having the easiest schedule. They do however play a lot of their American League rivals, that they need to pass in order to take an AL Wild Card spot. Once again this doesn't affect the Miami Marlins. The Boston Red Sox are first on the list of teams with the hardest schedules, but again it doesn't affect The Fish.

Interestingly, despite not being on the list, the Philadelphia Phillies were mentioned as having a hard schedule but not being placed on the list, due to a more "secure" position. I'm not so sure that their position is really that secure. Philly having a tough schedule is great for The Fish, considering they're Wild Card rivals. The same applies to the next team on the list: the San Francisco Giants. They have six games against the Atlanta Braves and seven against the Los Angeles Dodgers! They also have to play the Colorado Rockies on the road, the San Diego Padres and the Cleveland Guardians. Great news as San Francisco are The Fish's Wild Card rivals.

The Miami Marlins are third. Three games against Atlanta and six against LA are pretty worrying. The article then mentions seven games against the Milwaukee Brewers and two against the Tampa Bay Rays. I see that part differently however, Tampa Bay is fading and Milwaukee has a poor offense. The article then does add that the 13 games against the Washington Nationals and the New York Mets can "save" the team. Did Kim Ng's Trade Deadline changes pay off? We'll see.

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