The Miami Marlins need to pursue a difference-making slugger

J.D. Martinez needs to come home to Miami for another playoff run
J.D. Martinez
J.D. Martinez / Norm Hall/GettyImages

I've been hoping for the Miami Marlins to sign J.D. Martinez since last off-season. As Martinez continues to linger on the free agent market, the question is why can't The Fish get in on his market? Today we have more information on what is currently going on with the situation. We now know that he rejected an offer from the San Francisco Giants, at a time before they signed another DH in Jorge Soler instead.

The Miami Marlins should really go after J.D. Martinez at this point.

J.D. Martinez is 36 years old, but he was still very productive last season. The Miami native batted .271/.321/.572, with 33 home runs ad 103 RBI, in 113 games and 432 AB. There's obvious concern that he will decline, but he may still be productive for one or two more years. It would be great if he did that in a Miami Marlins uniform.

Obviously the question is if the problem is money. The report about San Francisco trying to sign him, says that Martinez didn't like their offer and countered, but San Francisco didn't accept the counter. This can imply that he is interested in a multi-year deal. Something that it's hard to expect any team being willing to give a player of his age.

Does J.D. Martinez want a multi-year deal? Is that what's holding up his signing? That makes a lot of sense, as this would likely be the last multi-year deal of his career. This would also explain why he may be so adamant to get that type of deal and why his market isn't moving. It's possible that San Francisco saw the younger Jorge Soler as a safer bet on a multi-year deal.

It's almost definite that J.D. Martinez either wants a multi-year deal, or a really high annual salary on a one-year deal. It's been rumored that the Los Angeles Angels and the New York Mets are the top suitors. Neither team seems too eager to sign him however, which still leaves the door open for another team to come into the picture. That team should 100% be the Miami Marlins. Make it happen Peter Bendix.

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