The Miami Marlins Spring Training record means what?!

Avisail Garcia
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Are you frustrated with the Miami Marlins' win-loss record in Spring Training at the moment? It is currently an abysmal 1-7. The Boston Red Sox are currently 6-0, but I doubt any of us are ready to call them contenders. The Fish are using Spring Training to tinker with the batting order and try out Minor League players. The Kansas City Royals are now 9-2 and are certainly no closer to becoming contenders. Aren't convinced yet? Lrt's take a look...

The Miami Marlins record in Spring Training is meaningless.

The then Florida Marlins were the best team in Spring Training back in 2006 with a 19-9 W-L record. The Fish didn't even make the playoffs that season. The Philadelphia Phillies were dreadful during 2009 Spring Training, going 13-19. The defending National League champs won the pennant that season. In 2011 the Minnesota Twins went 20-12 in Spring Training and then promptly missed the playoffs. The Kansas City Royals went 20-10, better than all teams in Spring Training. They missed the playoffs as well.

The Toronto Blue Jays were amazing in 2012 Spring Training, going 24-7 and then promptly missing the playoffs. The Seattle Mariners went 16-9 also promptly missing the playoffs. In Spring Training in 2013, the eventual World Champions Boston Red Sox only went 17-17 and their World Series opponents St. Louis Cardinals went 16-15. The Baltimore Orioles dominated with a 19-9 record and missed the playoffs of course. The Seattle Mariners went 22-11 and the Kansas City Royals were even better at 25-7, none of these teams made the playoffs however. In 2015 Spring Training, the Texas Rangers were the worst team at 9-19 and won their division.

2016 Spring Training was even less irrelevant, the eventual World Champions Chicago Cubs were terrible at 11-19. The best team was the 24-8 Arizona Diamondbacks, who you guessed it missed the playoffs. In 2017. the world Series winning Houston Astros went just 15-15, while their World Series opponents Los Angeles Dodgers were just 18-17. In 2020 Spring Training, the Philadelphia Phillies were great at 15-6 and of course missed the playoffs. The eventual AL Champions Tmapa Bay Rays were just 9-8.

The Miami Marlins were great at the 2021 Spring Training with a 14-5 record. The Kansas City Royals went 16-8 and of course missed the playoffs. The AL Champions Houston Astros were horrible at 6-14. In 2022 Spring Training the Los Angeles Angels were the best at 11-6.

Spring Training records are completely useless. Getting upset about the Miami Marlins being terrible in Spring Training is plain silly.

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