The Post trade deadline Miami Marlins Lineup Will Be A Run Scoring Machine

The Marlins were able to add huge run producers to the roster at the deadline

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The Miami Marlins had a very active trade deadline which included adding some big names and subtracting some big negatives.  The Marlins traded away big time strikeout machine Garrett Cooper, who did have some big moments this year and replaced him in the lineup with Josh Bell.  The Jean Segura saga also ended and the Marlins added Jake Burger, who has more than 8x the home runs.  Let’s just say, it’s a new look team and therefore deserves a new look lineup.  

The differences are striking as Cooper and Segura combined for 16 home runs, 16 doubles, and 65 RBI which would be a great season for one player.  The Marlins added Burger and Bell who combine for 36 home runs, 34 doubles, and 100 RBI, and that’s what Marlins fans and the lineup were missing most.   In total the Marlins traded for a net gain of 20 home runs, 18 doubles, and 35 RBI, which would have helped win the Tuesday night game against the Phillies when the Marlins went 2-13 with runners in scoring position.  

How will the lineup shake out with the newest members on the team in the clubhouse?  Let’s take a look at a projected lineup and other consequences.  I don’t foresee any reason to change the top two in the order with Arraez leading off followed by Soler at DH so let’s see where we are at with that said.

Arraez 2B
Soler DH
Chisholm CF
Bell 1B
Burger 3B
De La Cruz LF
Sanchez RF
Wendle SS
Fortes C

The biggest consequence of this lineup is pushing players back to a better position where they should have been all year, thus allowing them to see better pitches.  The Marlins are one of the top teams in hits but now they can hit those runners on base in with greater ease.  De La Cruz should be much more comfortable in the 6 spot, where he should have been all year, as should everyone below him.  Sanchez or Gurriel will see better pitches and Wendle and Fortes have the chance to start a rally.  

Although  neither Burger or Bell are big names, they impact will be huge and hopefully Chang the trajectory of the Marlins.  I really believe this lineup will help them compete against the best teams in the league, and not give opposing pitchers the night off.  Would it have been nice to obtain a shortstop as well, yes, but I believe Kim Ng did a great job and we will see how Skip sees the lineup, but this is who I am putting and where, to try and produce the most runs.

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