Trade Deadline chip Garrett Cooper was given up by the Marlins, was it a good deal?

The Marlins former 1st baseman has potential to be an impact player on the Padres, is he?
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The Miami Marlins clearly won the trade deadline with regards to upgrading their offense.  Two of the most consistent players in the Marlins lineup current are new arrivals.  Josh Bell and Jake Burger are great hitters and middle of the order players, but now we compare what could have been if the Marlins kept Garrett Cooper. Garrett Cooper was a part of a trade package that sent him and minor leaguer Sean Reynolds for pitcher Ryan Weathers.

Garrett Cooper has the size and stature to be a big time power hitter, yet it never really fully materialized and the Marlins needed a true cleanup hitter.  Should the Marlins fans regret the Cooper trade, it seems they shouldn’t at all.  Cooper has been about the same as he was when he left the Marlins, nothing really has changed.  

Cooper has played in 11 games and started 6 since joining the Padres, and has compiled a slash line of .208/.321/.458 with an OPS of .780.   Cooper has hit one home run, three doubles, and has driven in two in his 28 plate appearances.  He seems to be the Padres role player who plays when others need rest.  He has yet to have a multi-hit game, which is a huge problem, and he has struck out around the same rate at 29%.  

The production is just not there for a prime spot in the Marlins lineup but with the Padres he is hitting in a spot in the lineup more fitted to his performance. Most recently Cooper has hit in the 8 spot in the lineup. He fits in that spot, but that goes to show how much he was overvalued in the Marlins lineup versus a big time team.

Overall, nothing has changed.  Garrett Cooper is what he is and he can’t even begin to come close to the level of production that Josh Bell has brought to first base.  Bell has a better home run rate, strikeout rate, slash line, and OPS and it’s not even close.  Should fans regret sending off Cooper, not a chance.  

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