Two competing narratives about the Marlins PBO

Peter Bendix continues to be accused of the most ridiculous things
Peter Bendix
Peter Bendix / Rich Storry/GettyImages

I never intended for myself to be a Peter Bendix defender or supporter. I consider myself a passionate Miami Marlins fan who fairly criticizes whenever the team makes mistakes. Bruce Sherman and Peter Bendix have a plan for the team. That plan is basically utilizing the "Tampa Bay Rays system" to win through the farm system and smart *cough cheap *cough spending. Bendix also already had to defend some controversial trades...

Two narratives about Miami Marlins PBO Peter Bendix.

The conspiracy theory narrative goes like this... Peter Bendix has historic job security, where Bruce Sherman is OK with losing more money due to worse attendance as the Miami Marlins have terrible losing seasons. Bendix purposely didn't do anything in the off-season (signing the top SS Tim Anderson will be something we'll ignore). He then rushed to trade 2B Luis Arraez to the San Diego Padres, happy that The Fish were having a bad season.

The happy Bendix is now sad that The Fish lost so many starting pitchers, not because they're hurt but because he can't trade them at the Trade Deadline. You see, his plan is to completely decimate the team to pick up draft picks. Which is actually the opposite of the Tampa way that he was hired to perform.

The narrative above is so ridiculous that only laughter can be the appropriate response. What is the truth? The Miami Marlins had a terrible run differential last season and barely made the playoffs. With ace Sandy Alcantara out for the season, Bendix knew that going all-in wasn't smart at all.

Things weren't helped by one of the weakest markets for hitters in recent memory. As a result, he signed the top available SS in Tim Anderson and let the players show if they can prove to be a winning core. He avoided trading Luis Arraez in the off-season because he couldn't adequately replace him despite interest. He finally traded him when the season was already lost and he was at his peak value. Peter Bendix did the best he could, there's no plan to lose. Let's end these conspiracy theories.

dark. Next. Interesting idea for The Fish. Interesting idea for The Fish