Upcoming Miami Marlins option decisions

Jorge Soler
Jorge Soler / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins have a bright future and I'm looking forward to the 2024 season. The next step however is the off-season, and some early plans have already been revealed. There's also two key players who have to decide on their player options. They are of course first baseman Josh Bell and designated hitter Jorge Soler. Bell has to decide on a $16.5 million option for next season, and Soler on a $9-13 million option based on plate appearances.

Two Miami Marlins sluggers have to decide on player options for next season.

Josh Bell and Jorge Soler are two of the top Miami Marlins sluggers. It's fair to say that Bell's acquisition at the Trade Deadline and Soler having a bounce back season were key in The Fish making the playoffs. Losing both is definitely going to be a blow to the team. If that happens of course.... I should add that even if they decline those options, they can still be re-signed as free agents.

Josh Bell certainly should consider picking up his option. He's had a very inconsistent career, and being a 31 year old first baseman with defensive issues, his value is not particularly high. It doesn't help that his season was vastly different with both teams. He batted a poor .233/.318/.383 with the Cleveland Guardians, and was definitely on pace to pick up his option. He batted a much improved .270/.338/.480 with The Fish. I don't see any scenario where he receives $16.5 million on an annual basis.

A 2 year deal worth $9-12 million a year is probably the best that he will be able to do. Picking up his option is the best thing for him. Will he do so? I predict a 50-50 chance for that to happen. I'm much more confident on Jorge Soler picking up his. Soler would be taking a pay cut from $15 million that he's making this season, and considering he'd be one of the top power bats available, he's surely opting out. It would be best for the Miami Marlins to pass on him due to his constant injuries, contact issues and poor defense.

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