Update on Miami Marlins Star Jazz Chisholm

Jazz Chisholm sidelined again begs the question, is the superstar worth it?

Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins
Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins / Jasen Vinlove/Miami Marlins/GettyImages

Jazz Chisholm went out after stealing a base against the Rangers this past Saturday night and is dealing with what is labeled a hamstring injury. The Miami Marlins star centerfielder is out for yet another period of time and according to Jordan McPhearson, he had an MRI done and no structural damage was seen. That is good news for the Marlins fanbase but more questions remain. Jazz is playing and starting tonight which is a good sign!

Jazz Chisholm was out of the lineup for two nights in a row after leaving early Saturday, which is more concerning for Marlins fans. The Miami Marlins star has not played a lot and this season he has missed more time than he has been present which is a concerning sign. The biggest concern for fans is that he has gone out and come back time and time again. Jazz is in the lineup tonight, and had a pinch-hit homerun last night but the question remains, can Jazz be a superstar if he is not super present (aka not present for 90+% of a season).

The true issue with Jazz is that he is a game-changing player in the lineup and on the field, so it wouldn't be so easy to just say, trade him while he still has some value. Jazz can bring an infinite amount of value to the team and really makes his cleanup spot in the lineup work best. When Jazz isn't in the game, as we saw yesterday, the offense suffers and players are in a spot in the lineup that puts them in a tougher position.

Fans and ownership alike have Jazz Chisholm under a microscope, a small one perhaps, but still they have to be examining if he is really worth keeping around long-term or better off trading. A handful of fans wanted him traded at this deadline to get some value for him, and I suspect if this trend continues next season, even more fans will declare the same. Does he really have the value to keep around when he is not injured, the answer is a big yes. Jazz hit a pinch-hit home run last night against the Reds, so he is very much worth it and will be a force when he is in the lineup, there is no doubt.

The tougher question is, will he be around enough to actualize that powerful potential because he is surely going to be powerful when he plays? I would venture to guess that if he has another season like he has this year, ownership will at least hear offers at the deadline to see what they can get for Jazz, as he can only be a superstar if he plays. Maybe he should give Tom Brady's personal trainer a call and see if he can get him into the healthiest place possible for his body.

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