Update on the Miami Marlins and Jorge Soler reuniting

Jorge Soler
Jorge Soler / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Earlier today I talked about the Miami Marlins making a big mistake in not offering Jorge Soler the Qualifying Offer. The Fish are looking for hitting upgrades, so re-signing the DH made sense right? Well, we now know that it might not be that easy. The update that we have on The Fish re-signing Soler might not be what we were expecting...

The Miami Marlins are not bringing back Designated Hitter Jorge Soler in 2024.

Reports earlier in this off-season, said that the Miami Marlins were interested in bringing back Jorge Soler. It made sense considering his .250/.341/.512 batting line in 2023, with 36 home runs and 75 RBI in 137 games and 504 AB. He was The Fish's top power hitter in 2023, and power was something that the team needed quite a it throughout the season.

Of course Jorge Soler comes with a lot of question marks and general negatives. He has a career -10.2 dWAR and -1.9 dWAR over the last two seasons. He had a -1.5 dWAR in 2023 by the way. While Soler was still played in the field, and will likely be limited to DH duty, that lack of help on the grass is a major issue. It doesn't help that he also has an extensive injury history. He missed time in 2023 and missed most of the 2022 season. He only played in 100+ games in 4 of his 10 seasons in the Major Leagues.

Jorge Soler is not only injury-prone, but has been incredibly inconsistent. You really don't know what you're going to get with him. Is he the .249/.326/424 hitter from 2014 to 2018 with the Chicago Cubs and Kansas City Royals? Is he the 48 home run bat from 2019 with the Kansas City Royals? When he batted .265/.354/.569? Is he the World Series MVP from 2021? Or the .192/.288/.370 bat with Kansas City, prior to his trade to the Atlanta Braves?

Jorge Soler said that there has been no contact between him and the Miami Marlins this off-season. He said this at a training event that was hosted by the Cuban Professional Baseball Federation. It makes it look as if Peter Bendix was only interested in re-signing him at a discount. That is assuming that earlier reports of the team's interest in a reunion were even true.

I agree with Peter Bendix on not re-signing Jorge Soler, if that is indeed the plan. I do however hope that the Miami Marlins replace his production adequately.

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