What factors could influence the Miami Marlins GM search?

The Marlins are ready to shell out the big bucks, so how will the parameters impact their search?
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The Miami Marlins hoped to bring back GM Kim Ng but she declined the offer and now is a free agent herself. The question now is what to the Marlins do and who do they bring in to replace her? There are plenty of front office guys out there to bring in but will it even start with a GM or will the planned president of baseball operations be brought in first and then a GM?

Is Kim Ng's departure just a step towards a new structure?

If the Marlins are reorganizing their front office it only makes sense to start at the top and the president would need to be hired first. Many teams have a president and the Marlins have had one in the past and it seems that Bruce Sherman’s goal in hiring one is to control spending. It seems Sherman doesn’t want anything to do with the larger costs of a winning franchise but wants a home grown team that can compete and doesn’t cost a lot.  

Since the Marlins are trending that way their GM pick could reflect that philosophy of grow and not spend. If that is the case, the current playoff Marlins could be very different going forward. They will likely not try to bring back any high dollar names and will try cheaper free agents. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing as Kim Ng was probably the worst at signing free agents and overpaid for several. 

Miami Marlins coaches, players and fans deserve a winning team

Marlins fans in the end hope for a continuation of this season when it comes to the team and they have several needs. The Marlins could invest in a few younger players and wait for the minor league to produce big time players. The issue with that approach is the Marlins have one of the worst ranked farm systems in baseball and so the future doesn’t look bright.

It would take multiple years for the Marlins to grow the talent needed to fill the current team’s gaps and the playoff window is short if you do that. Either way, there should be a lot of changes to the Marlins roster this postseason, if a good general manager is brought in he will see that need and hopefully address it. Time will tell but the Marlins will likely want to stay in the bottom third in salary so the next GM and the President will have to spend well and wisely.

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