What's going on with the Miami Marlins?

Bruce Sherman
Bruce Sherman / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

This has been the most frustrating off-season for Miami Marlins fans. Bruce Sherman is not spending on the team, our division rivals are making flashy signings and getting all the attention. Steve Cohen is probably about to buy everyone and Bruce Sherman...is well...an owner. What is going on? Weren't The Fish trying to win last season? What changed? Why isn't Kim Ng spending? These are questions that every Miami Marlins fan has at varying levels of frustration and disappointment with how this franchise is being run.

The Miami Marlins are incredibly patient this season.

Last season the Miami Marlins splashed on Jorge Soler and Avisail Garcia. "Splashed" is of course not the same as what the New York Mets are doing, but considering how much we spent ove rthe last few seasons, it certainly looked like a big deal. It looked as if an actual playoff contending team was being assembled. We al know how that ended up going, so what now? Why are we so quiet?

After missing the postseason, you'd think he'd want to invest more to improve the team. So why doesn't he? Did he give up on contending for the playoffs? If so, then why aren't the Miami Marlins rebuilding? I'm not advocating for that by the way, but it seems to be what he's thinking right? If he doesn't want to rebuild, then isn't investing in the team the smart way to go?

If he thinks that players are too expensive, then why does he still own the team? If he just own sit to make a profit, doesn't he realize that constantly losing will only keep people from attending more games? It's a really bizarre situation that doesn't make much sense to me. I can't process the logic of Bruce Sherman's behavior as owner of the Miami Marlins.

Bruce Sherman doesn't want to spend to improve the team; he doesn't want to sell the team and he doesn't want to rebuild (only right decision here is not to rebuild). What's the plan? Running it back? Lucking into some bargain before Spring Training? Make it make sense please.

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