What should the Miami Marlins do about Jean Segura?

Jean Segura
Jean Segura / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Jean Segura has been a bust for the Miami Marlins at third base. Brian already talked about his struggles before and I offered a replacement by trade. Things have only gotten worse since then... Segura is a career .281/.327/.402 hitter, who is currently batting .190/.259/.234 in 60 games and 205 AB. He's just not hitting and has a -0.3 dWAR for his lackluster defense. What should the Miami Marlins do?

The Miami Marlins have a problem with third baseman Jean Segura.

It's clear at this point that Jean Segura is not an asset offensively or defensively. Let's start with the obvious, can he turn things around? The good news is that Segura has a .224 BABIP, but a career .313 BABIP. This is a very positive sign, implying that he'll turn things around. The problem is of course that not every player has a normalized BABIP by the time the season ends. It's already June, so it maybe a bit late to expect any better from him. This also doesn't solve his defensive issues, as maybe he's just nota fit at this new position for him.

Next season Jean Segura has an $8.5 million salary and he then has a $10 million team option for 2025. There's a $2 million buyout on that option as well. I don't see how that option is picked up at the moment. Segura isn't playing very well of course so a trade is unlikely, but with the Miami Marlins in a position the playoffs, it may be necessary to take the hit and simply bench him.

The best option in my opinion is of course Boston Red Sox first baseman Justin Turner. Turner can of course play third base and as a good contact hitter with pop, would be a perfect upgrade over Segura. Turner has a .272/.352/.420 batting line for the season, and has a $13.4 million player option for next season (with a $6.7 million buyout). Boston isn't going to the playoffs this season and Turner is already 38, so he doesn't really fit in Boston's long-term plans. Segura is a bit younger (33) and more importantly can play second base and shortstop. The two positions where Boston actually needs help. The two positions that are natural for Segura to play.

There are two other options for the Miami Marlins. Jeimer Candelario from the Washington Nationals and Patrick Wisdom from the Chicago Cubs. Candelario is batting .245/.328/.432 and is a free agent after the season. Patrick Wisdom is batting .198/.288/.473 but with 14 home runs. Wisdom is 31 but isn't even yet arbitration eligible.

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