What should the Miami Marlins do with Avisail Garcia?

Avisail Garcia
Avisail Garcia / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins have a big problem on the roster. That problem is costing the team $12 million this season and $24 million for the next two years. I'm of course talking about OF Avisail Garcia. Kim Ng has done a great job as The Fish's general manager, but this signing has been terrible from the beginning. We had some hopes prior to the season, but it just hasn't been working out. What's the next step?

The Miami Marlins need to get rid of Avisail Garcia.

Avisail Garcia has been batting .185/.241/.315, with 3 home runs and 12 RBI in 37 games and 108 AB this season. He lost his starting job in RF to Jesus Sanchez, and it certainly doesn't seem as if he has much of a chance to get it back. There's very little to like about Avisail at this point.... He batted .319/.373/.319 in 23 games and 47 AB with the Detroit Tigers in 2012. He split 2013 between Detroit and the Chicago White Sox, and batted .283/.309/.422 in 72 games and 256 AB.

Avisail spent 2014 to 2018 with the Chicago White Sox. He batted .268/.322/.423 with 69 home runs and 268 RBI. His best season came in 2017, where he batted .330/.380/.506, with 18 home runs and 80 RBI in 136 games and 518 AB. He was extremely streaky throughout his run, so that was a major red flag right from the beginning. From 2019-2021 he played for the Tampa Bay Rays and the Milwaukee Brewers. He batted .267/.332/.453 in 313 games and 1131 AB. Last season for the Miami Marlins, he batted .224/.266/.31, with 8 home runs and 35 RBI in 98 games and 357 AB.

Avisail Garcia is too expensive to release and too brutal to play. I don't see much use for him as a bench player either. Is there a bad contract swap that could work? I was trying to think of one for a while, but it seems very hard to do. I did come up with Detroit Tigers SS Javier Baez. Baez is making $25 million a year in the next two seasons, and $24 million in the two after. Detroit would have to pay most of that off, but maybe Baez can turn things around? One thing that I know is that Avisail Garcia has to go.

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