Which of these trade targets can the Miami Marlins acquire?

Jeimer Cnadelario
Jeimer Cnadelario / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages

MLB.com published an article revealing that a Miami Marlins hitter is #1 on the power rankings list! As The Fish chase a playoff appearance, MLB.com released a list of eight potential trade targets. Can the Miami Marlins acquire any of them? Should The Fish acquire any of them? Will some of them even be traded? Every player on this list is a free agent after the season (I will mention any exceptions). Let's take a look at the list and analyze the situation for the team.

Who can the Miami Marlins acquire from the MLB.com list?

Starting the list is Washington Nationals 3B Jeimer Candelario. Candelario is a 29 year old career .242/.323/.405 hitter in 664 games and 2404 AB. He's currently batting .253/.329/.443 in 58 games and 249 AB, with 7 home runs and 28 RBI. Candelario isn't really anything special and this would be an in-division trade. Those trades don't happen often, and I don't really see it happening this time, unless Jean Segura never improves on his abysmal .190/.259/.217 batting line.

San Francisco Giants LF Michael Conforto is next on the list. Conforto has an $18 million option for next season that he can opt out of. This complicates trading him as he could be a free agent after the season, or play another year for $18 million. Conforto is batting .244/.345/.449, with 11 home runs and 29 RBI. San Francisco is in playoff contention, I expect him to stay on the team.

The list includes some relievers... Cincinnati Reds closer Alexis Diaz; Chicago White Sox' Kendall Graveman and Keynan Middleton and the Chicago Cubs' Julian Merryweather. With the Miami Marlins bullpen doing so good, I suspect that The Fish won't be beating the high prices that these pitchers will likely command. Diaz won't even be a free agent until after the 2027 season, and I don't see Cincinnati trading him.

Colorado Rockies CF Randal Grichuk is listed as likely available. Grichuk is hitting a phenomenal .336/.393/.482 this season. He only has 1 home run however. Grichuk has a career .250/.297/.466 batting line and terrible defensive marks, (as well as a -0.3 dWAR this season). The OF is not an area of need for The Fish and acquiring a bad defender makes no sense.

The last player on the list is Chicago White Sox SP Michael Kopech. Kopech is actually not a free agent until after the 2025 season, and barring a complete teardown by Chicago is unlikely to be moved. He currently has a 4.33 ERA/5.49 FIP with 10.4 K/9 and 4.2 BB/9. The results aren't particularly appealing and The Fish don't have an issue with starting pitching.

Jeimer Candelario is the only player on this list that I could see the Miami Marlins targeting.

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