Why the Miami Marlins might want to consider a Jorge Soler sale at the trade deadline

Would the return be worth selling the rental Marlins star?

Miami Marlins v Baltimore Orioles
Miami Marlins v Baltimore Orioles / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins are having a breakout season and despite their recent skid, they are in the playoff hunt. The Marlins currently sit half a game out of one of the wild card playoff spots.  Why would they even consider selling Jorge Soler, wouldn’t that just end the season and all playoff hopes?  It might not, and here’s a look at why they should consider it.  

The first big question is, will Soler re-sign with the Marlins after the season?  I don’t know if the two sides are on good terms and want to continue after his contract is up at the end of the season.  If the Marlins don’t think they have a shot at resigning him, I would suggest selling.  

Sell Soler but do it the right way and get the most prospects close to the show possible in a trade for him and focus on areas of need, such as third base and catcher.  The Marlins have a lot of players they could use to fill his roster spot and it might just be one of the players in the trade.  

Would the New York Yankees give up Austin Wells, Everson Pereira, and Tyler Hardman?  Or two of the three of them?  It could be worth it if so and it could set up the Marlins for an even better 2024 season with Eury Perez starting on the active roster on opening day.  The Marlins could be just like the Baltimore Orioles last season who were on the brink of the playoffs but this year are in first place in the highly competitive American League east.  

Fans might not like the option of selling Soler but he would get the biggest bang for the buck and Kim Ng could potentially bring him back next season as a free agent.  Soler is currently averaging five home runs a month and could be replaced for the most part (Soler is at 5.9% home run rate while Sanchez is at 4.4%), with Jesus Sanchez and the Marlins could let Garrett Cooper start at DH.  

This certainly would lessen the potency of the offense but it wouldn’t be altogether lost if they got an average big league bat in the deal as well.  I’m not suggesting they certainly must or even should trade Jorge Soler, because the Marlins team, and fans, deserve a spot in the playoffs.  What I am suggesting is that trading Soler isn’t necessarily game over for the Marlins.  Perhaps then Troy Johnston would get a shot up on the big club at 1B/DH.  I think the future potential of it would be interesting, and it wouldn’t hurt to see how far teams would go to acquire the Marlins’ star power hitter.

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