Will former Marlins GM Kim Ng even work in baseball next year?

Kim Ng’s future uncertain, as the former Miami Marlins GM declines an interview
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The Miami Marlins offered an extension to former GM Kim Ng this offseason but she turned that down. Ng was likely offended by the prospect of a demotion when the idea of a President of Baseball Operations position was being floated for the Marlins. Could that be the reason why Kim Ng rejected the interview offer from the Red Sox for Chief Baseball Officer? 

Kim Ng Turns down the Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are searching for a new head of baseball after firing Chaim Bloom, which we wrote about being a potential Marlins candidate. Ng declined the offer to interview with Boston like so many others around the league already have. That begs the question, what is Kim Ng going to do, if anything this coming season?

The Red Sox have already been rejected by a slew of options including the Diamondbacks GM and assistant, among others. It is rumored now that Kim Ng will take the year off and doesn’t want to be a part of offseason meetings, according to masslive.com. If that is true, does Kim Ng even want to be involved in baseball at such a high level? Did the Marlins experience make her rethink being a GM entirely?

Fans could certainly understand that Bruce Sherman was probably not the easiest to work for, especially regarding the budget. The Red Sox would be a completely different atmosphere which you would think she would jump at the opportunity. Boston was ranked 13 in payroll this past season, which would about double the working capital Kim Ng would have at her disposal. The fact of the matter is many are not jumping at the opportunity, and perhaps Ng is looking at culture of the ownership and team before jumping into any race for GM. If that’s the case it’s understandable. 

Could she just be burnt out all together from the Marlins experience, that’s also a possibility. The difficulty will lie however with finding a different opportunity that doesn’t involve rebuilding. If a team has front office openings it’s because they are struggling and want to make a change, or the person retires. I would say most changes are the struggling type and waiting for a different type of opening might take a long time. 

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