Will the Miami Marlins make a move this off-season? How potential signings would impact the team's lineup.

The Marlins still have multiple needs
Tommy Pham had 17 hits in 16 postseason games for the D-backs in 2023.
Tommy Pham had 17 hits in 16 postseason games for the D-backs in 2023. / Joe Rondone / USA TODAY NETWORK
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The Miami Marlins have been extremely quiet this off-season. Even the little chatter about the Marlins being in talks with the Orioles for a trade was just squashed with the Corbin Burnes trade. Will the Marlins sign someone? They have to, but who will be left. The Orioles were the most likely trade partner but Peter Bendix would not budge on the value of his starting pitching. That is likely why the trade did not happen and they found other suitors in the Brewers.

The Marlins off-season has been non-existent, they need to make a move

In the past week it seems the blockade was lifted for unsigned free agents and moves are happening regularly. The Marlins need to sign someone before it too late as Spring Training is only a few weeks away. The Marlins still need a starting shortstop as well as a designated hitter who could play either outfield or first base or both. In all reality, the Marlins need to add offense to the lowest producing lineup in the playoffs last season, especially if they hope to return in 2024.

The Marlins have a handful of options available and each of them necessitate a different looking lineup. Depending on what kind of player they can sign based on who is out there can alter the placement of both Josh Bell and Jake Burger. Let’s take a look at what options remain and how they would impact the lineup if added to the roster in the next few weeks or so leading up to the season.