Will this be the Miami Marlins batting order?

Luis Arraez
Luis Arraez / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Spring Training is on the way and we can finally see what the Miami Marlins are planning to do with the lineup. We're not going to know what the actual batting order will be until Opening Day, however we can get some ideas from Spring Training games. Bruce Sherman has high expectations for this season and the lineup has some issues, but there's a lot of promise. Let's look at the potential batting order...

The Miami Marlins batting order is still a guess.

We already know that Jazz Chisholm Jr. will be the CF; Jacob Stallings is the catcher; Garrett Cooper is the first baseman; Jean Segura is the third baseman; Luis Arraez is the second baseman; Joey Wendle is the SS; Bryan De La Cruz is the LF; Avisail Garcia is the RF and Jorge Soler is the designated hitter.

Based on the Spring Training lineups, I think it's becoming apparent that Jazz Chisholm Jr. is staying as the Miami Marlins' lead-off hitter. I wonder if he won't be more useful in the middle of the batting order, but he seems to keep being used in the lead-off spot. Jorge Soler followed him as number two in the batting order in the latest game, but I don't know if he'll really bat there. The clean-up spot at #4 seems to be more up his alley, but perhaps it's believed that he's better off at the top of the order.

It seems that third spot in the batting order has been reserved for Luis Arraez, who I personally think would be better suited for the lead-off spot. At this point I'm pretty sure however that he's just going to be batting third. The 2022 American League batting champ may end up working out in that spot. Who will bat clean-up? I still think that Soler will end up there, but Garrett Cooper had that spot recently, and could be a fit there.

Bryan De La Cruz could really end up batting fifth or even second? I would project him as fifth though. Jean Segura is almsot certainly getting the sixth spot in the batting order (or maybe second). Avisail Garcia will almost certainly bat seventh, followed by Joey Wendle and Jacob Stallings. I could see Avi batting higher if he bounces back however. We won't know the actual batting order until the season starts, but it's fun to speulate.

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