Revisited: Chris Coghlan:Odd Man Out

Chris Coghlan was recently demoted to AAA New Orleans in favor of outfielder Bryan Peterson of whom was recently sent back down to the minors to allow the Miami Marlins add another pitcher to assist the overworked bullpen. Coghlan, the former Rookie of the Year primarily served as the team’s fourth outfielder and pinch hitter off of the bench.  Prior to the start of spring training I claimed Coghlan would need to have an excellent spring training to maintain a spot on the roster. I was also of the opinion that Coghlan would not be able to return to his previous level of success without a regular number of at bats.  Baseball is generally regarded a game of routine. Only a consistent role and playing regimen will allow Coghlan to further his development. This limited role in my opinion was a key contributor to him hitting a scarce .118 in only 34 at bats through 21 games.  It is for this reason that he was sent down.


Former Rookie of the Year, Chris Coghlan, continues to be a mystery for the Marlins. (Image: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE)



Obviously there is no reason for Coghlan to have had regular playing time ahead of Stanton, Morrison or Bonifacio. If it remains to be seen that Coghlan stays blocked in the outfield or fails to regain his form, a trade may seem viable.  As such, to be most conducive to his development Chris Coghlan from the beginning of the season needed regular playing time.  It is of the utmost importance that Coghlan is able to restore his past success. Without doubt, the Marlins are a better club offensively when Chris produces effectively. Hopefully regular playing time in New Orleans will allow him to return to form. Unfortunately, since his demotion he has had zero hits in twelve at bats. Regardless, whether or not he is truly recovered from injury, is mechanically flawed, or is suffering from a lack of confidence a stint in the minors will best serve Coghlan in the long run.   There is no doubt though as of now that Chris Coghlan is the odd man out.

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